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750 ml, $95.99

Beau Joie Rose: 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay. Best Price In Las Vegas.

beau joi sug

Best Buy in Las Vegas 750 ml ONLY $74.99

Beau Joie Dem Sec: Sparkling wine from France.

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Batasiolo Barolo 2010: Strong Tannins. High Acidity. Distinctive Scent. Described as “Tar and Roses” Lowest Prices in Las Vegas.

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Have you ever wanted to pair food with your wine and treat yourself or entertain your guests with a wine pairing meal? Liquor Outlet has paired with Rodney Strong Vineyards so you can serve the best food with your wine.

From the first course to desert we hope you enjoy these recipes that pair perfectly with Rodney Strong Vineyards.

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Rodney Strong Chardonnay and Crab Cakes

Beau Joie Rose

This Beau Joie Rose has no added sugars. Can your Rose say that? Because there are no added sugars the flavors flow through the palate like a babbling brook. With a perfect balance of sweetness and dryness, the result is a crisp and clean taste from beginning to end!

The beautiful copper art work that surrounds this Beau Joie Rose helps in maintaining the perfect temperature excluding the need for an ice bucket. With its rubber punts you can rest assured that your grip on the bottle is secure.

Just when you thought ‘the bottles is empty the ending is inevitable’, you find out that the bottle is part of a recycling program that reuses the valuable copper for something new. So not only an enjoyable Rose to celebrate the good times in life that make your heart soar, but also the ability to recycle and help the earth giving another reason for your heart to soar.

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find beau joie rose in las vegas