willet rye

Willet 4yr Rye: Intense wood & spice flavors-Barrel Strength at 110 proof 750ml, $43.99

woodford double oaked

Woodford Double Oak: Twice Barreled Bourbon-Creamy Carmel and Vanilla Notes! 750ml bottle. $50.99

crown royal xo

Crown Royal XO: Ex-Cognac Barrels to finish this Premium Canadian Whiskey. 750ml, $49.99

Alexander Murray 41yr Scotch: Aged 41 years, Distilled in 1968 and only 18 bottles in the United States. $999.99

jaeger meister spice

Jagermeister Spiced: Add a little zest to your Jager Bombs $19.99

dewars 12 year

Dewars 12yr Reserved: With Flavors of Hazelnut skins, Brown Sugar Cookies and Lemon peel. The best deal of the month. 750ml, $28.99

grey goose las vegas

Grey Goose Vodka, All flavors: Signature smoothness, Distinct Character. On sale at Liquor Outlet, 750ml, $31.99

ron zacapa

Ron Zacapa 23yr Aged Rum: Sweet, Mouth Warming, Hints Of Oak, Vanilla, Dried Fruits, Licorice. On Sale at Liquor Outlet. 750ml, $46.99

makers mark 46

Markers Mark “46”: Seared French oak Staves, Create a bolder more complex flavors. On Sale at the Liquor Outlet, 750ml, $34.99

kraken black spiced rum

Kraken Black Rum: Imported Black run from the Caribbean with over 11 secret spices.Guaranteed Low Prices. 750ml, $19.99

1800 tequila

1800 Tequila: This months Special, 1800 Tequila Silver or Reposado. Lowest Price Liquor Outlet. 750ml, $21.99

bacardi rum flavored cheap las vegas

Bacardi Rum: Gold, Silver or Select Bacardi Rum. The Most Awarded Rum in the World. On Sale at the Liquor Outlet. 750ml, $13.99

portidio tequila 750ML

Porfidio Anejo Tequila: 100% Blue Agave. Hand toasted in Virgin Oak Barrels. For the low price of $149.99, 750ml

remy martin v 75ml

Remy Martin V: Bold and Sophisticated. Distilled in Copper Pots. For the low price of $51.99, 750ml

glenlivet single malt scotch

The Glenlivit 12yr: Smooth and Welcoming with fruity summer like fragrances. Low Prices, 750ml,$41.99

chivas regal

Chivas Regal 12 yr: Rich and smooth style with substance. Tradition with a modern twist. Lowest Prices. 750ml, $32.99


With a 95 point rating, you can’t go wrong with this vodka! Very clean. This vodka stands alone amongst a sea of vodkas.  750 ml $8.99

Johnnie Walker , Green Label, THE STORY

Only at liquor Outlet for $74.99

green label johnni walker from scotland
John Walker began selling Scotch Whiskies in 1820 and quickly established an unsurpassed reputation for quality. Since the creation of the first JOHNNIE WALKER® blend, the Walker family and subsequent generations of Master Blenders have crafted superb Scotch Whiskies that are enjoyed the world over.
In keeping with a tradition of blending excellence, JOHNNIE WALKER® GREEN LABEL® is a perfectly balanced blend of only single malt whiskies (no grain whiskies). Each aged a minimum of 15 years, Islay and Speyside malts are combined to provide the depth and fuller experience of a single malt with a multi-dimensional taste profile.

St. Patrick Day Cocktail Recipes 2015

irish flag cocktail how toIRISH FLAG COCKTAIL

  • 1/3 SHOT LICOR 43

Carefully layer the ingredients in a shot glass in the order listed above

st patricks day cocktailsEMERALD RAIN

  • 1 OZ VODKA

Mix all that together and garnish with lime slice.

st patrick day cocktailsSHAMROCK JUICE

  • 1/2 OZ GIN
  • 1/2 OZ LIGHT RUM
  • 1/2 OZ VODKA

Fill a hurricane or parfait glass with ice. Pour in the liquors and top off with the orange juice. Garnish with an orange wheel and cherries.

Don Julio 1942

Have you ever wondered how Don Julio 1942 acquired its name? Well that was the year Don Julio started making his now iconic tequila, loved around the world!

Aged for a MINIMUM of two and a half years in small batches create the unforgettable taste of Don Julio 1942. Handcrafted to get the most flavorful tequila that has ever been tasted! Number one amongst tequila connoisseurs everywhere!

With accents of chocolate, nuts , almonds and exotic cinnamon, the sweet aroma just draws you in. It has a wide palate of tropical fruits, vanilla and roasted agave, the sip is silky smooth!

The quintessential translucent amber hue with specks of gold, will make you want to take a good long look at this beauty before you devour it.

This lovely tequila is best served without ice in a glass that will flatter its beauty.

Don Julio 1942 Premium Tequila $129.99 750ml at the Liquor Outlet.

don julio liquor store vegas

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